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Serving the Foreign Exchange an International Payments Industries since 2003.
One of the worlds largest Foreign
Exchange Companies.
This Client needed to attract the highest level corporate FX sales traders in the industry with proven track records. We helped them do just that!
Case Study
One of the worlds largest Foreign Exchange Companies was looking for top tier talent.
Challenge # 1 - Company was not yet perceived in the market place as a top tier competitor yet they wanted to acquire the best corporate FX sales talent in the business.

After doing our reserach
, we came up with a list of the top 30 corporate FX sales traders in our clients target markets worldwide. The list was based on proven track records, sales standings, peer recognition, awards, overall book of business and sales results.

Solution # 1- We revised the interview process to include some of the most charismatic leaders in the company who were able to portray the vision of the future and "why" the company was poised for success.

Solution # 2- We created more of a consultative approach to the interview process, allowing the candidates to explore and understand any aspect of the business that they had questions about and allowed them to take their time in the decision making process.

Solution # 3- We gave them access to winning candidates that left the competitors for our client and let them talk over any concerns they had with the employees.

Result- We are proud to say that to date we have placed over 13 of the worlds top corporate FX sales and trading professionals with our client. All 13 were PASSIVE candidates (meaning they weren't actively looking for a new position when we contacted them) and they have varied books of business representing Millions of Dollars in potential revenue to our client. Best of all, our client is now perceived as one of the best in the industry and a top choice for employment.

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